Korea-Japan Symposium

Adjunct Symposium to ACPP2020, 5th Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Plant Pathology

Plant pathology researches based on advancing technologies

Every two years The Phytopathological Society of Japan (PSJ) and The Korean Society of Plant Pathology (KSPP) have co-organized the joint symposium on plant pathology.
This time the joint symposium is planned adjunct with The Asian Congress on Plant Pathology (ACPP2020) and is open to all who have interest. If you would like to participate in this symposium, please apply from the ACPP2020 website (https://acpp2020.org/). Those who plan to participate in the symposium in conjunction with ACPP2020 can participate for 50000 JPY (25,000 JPY for students) until April 30, 2020, and those who plan to participate only in this symposium can participate for 10,000 yen. Only those who have registered for the symposium can participate in the mixer on September 14.

Monday, September 14, 2020 Schedule (tentative speakers and titles)
11:00 Registration desk open (until 17:00)
13:00 Welcome greeting from the President of PSJ
13:05 Greeting from the President of KSPP
13:15 Takemoto, Daigo (Nagoya Univ, Japan), Unique characteristics of symbiotic fungi of gasses
13:45 Kwak, Youn-Sik (Gyeongsang National Univ, Korea), Phytobiome
14:15 Betsuyaku, Shigeyuki (Tsukuba Univ, Japan), Spatiotemporal dynamics of plant-bacterial pathogen interactions
14:45 Chung, Hyungjung (Rural Development and Administration, Korea), Hypoxic microenvironment during pathogen colonization
15:15〜15:30 Break
15:30 Hirata, Hisae (Shizuoka Univ), Comparative studies of plants co-infected by bacteria and viruses
16:00 Kim, Kwang-Hyung (APEC Climate Center, Korea), Disease modeling and forecasting
16:30 Miyashita, Shuhei (Tohoku Univ, Japan) The evolution and replication mechanisms of plant RNA viruses unveiled by a combined approach of 'wet' experiments and 'dry' simulations.
17:00 Kang, Yang Jae (Gyeongsang National Univ, Korea), Big data-driven molecular breeding
17:30 Kagiwada, Satoshi (Hosei Univ, Japan), Plant disease detection by image analysis using deep learning
18:00 Closing remarks (Chairperson of the Committee on international affairs, PSJ)
18:15 Mixer for the registered participants of the Symposium

This symposium is organized by