Plenary Lectures

Main Convention Hall
MC: Ok-Kyung Kim (Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan)
Lecture 1 A New Paradigm in Plant-Microbe Interactions
Yong-Hwan Lee Seoul National University, Korea
President Asian Association of Societies for Plant Pathology
Lecture 2 Building broad-spectrum disease resistance in rice
Jan E. Leach Colorado State University, USA
President International Society for Plant Pathology
Lecture 3 To be announced
Buyung Hadi  
Agricultural Officer (IPM) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Lecture 4 Toward mitigation and control of wheat blast in Asia
Yukio Tosa Kobe University, Japan
Vice President The Phytopathological Society of Japan

Concurrent Session (Tentative Speakers)

Session I

Exponential leap in the taxonomy of plant-pathogenic fungi
Main Convention Hall
Organizer: Chiharu Nakashima (Mie University, Japan)
Chair: Chiharu Nakashima (Mie University, Japan)
Speaker 1 Field diagnosis and taxonomy
InYong Choi Jeollabuk-do Agricultural Research and Extension Services, Korea
Speaker 2 Advanced taxonomy and diagnosis of Phytophthora species based on molecular sequences
Koji Kageyama Gifu University, Japan
Speaker 3 New Panama disease and its diversity in Indonesia
Nani Maryani Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Indoenesia
UNTIRTA Banten, Indonesia
Speaker 4 Diversity and taxonomy of the genus Colletotrichum
Bevan Weir Manaaki Whenua – Landcare, New Zealand
Speaker 5 Host range studies and its contribution to taxonomy of the genus Alternaria
Junji Nishikawa Sakata Seed Corporation, Japan
Speaker 6 Integrated species concept for plant pathogenic fungi
Lei Cai Institute of Microbiology, CAS, China

Session II

Research and management of fungicide resistance in Asian countries
Convention Hall 200
Organizer: Hideki Watanabe (Gifu Prefectural Agricultural Technology Center, Janan)
Chair: Akira Kawaguchi (National Agricultural and Food Research Organization, Japan)
Speaker 1 Occurrence of multiple resistance to flutianil and pyriofenone in field Isolates of Podosphaera xanthii, the causal fungus of cucumber powdery mildew
Takuya Miyamoto Ibaraki Agricultural Center, Japan
Speaker 2 Molecular mechanism of resistance to OSBPI Fungicides in Phytophthora capsici
Xili Liu China Agricultural University, China
Chair: Hirofumi Suzuki (Mie Prefecture Chuo Agricultural Extension Center, Japan)
Speaker 3 Resistance of Venturia inaequalis to fungicides: current incidence and distribution in Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Kazuyuki Hirayama Apple Research Institute, Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technology Research Center, Japan
Speaker 4 Increases factor of bakanae disease and its countermeasures in Japan
Shin-ichi Fuji Akita Prefectural University, Japan
Chair: Yoshihide Nakajima (Syngenta Japan K.K., Japan)
Speaker 5 Resistance to strobilurin fungicides in Colletotrichum spp. causing anthracnose of several crop plants in Korea
Heung Tae Kim Chungbuk National University, Korea
Speaker 6 Collaboration: the key to managing fungicide resistance in Asia
Susan Knight Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Session III

Omics-based biocontrol strategies for plant pathogens
Convention Hall 300
Organizer: Masafumi Shimizu (Gifu University, Japan)
Chair: Nobutaka Someya (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan)
Speaker 1 Metabolic architecture that shapes the lifestyle of Pseudomonas protegens in the rhizosphere
Kasumi Takeuchi National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan
Chair: Yoshiteru Noutoshi (Okayama University, Japan)
Speaker 2 Resource discovery and application of Bacillus in biocontrol of plant diseases
Xuewen Gao Nanjing Agricultural University, China
Chair: Ikuo Sato (Nagoya University, Japan)
Speaker 3 Suppression of rice seedling disease using bacteria and bacteriophages from soils for organic farming
Sugihiro Ando Tohoku University, Japan
Chair: Chol Gyu Lee (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan)
Speaker 4 To be announced
Jihyun F. Kim Yonsei University, Korea
Chair: Kazuki Fujiwara (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan)
Speaker 5 Microbiome Engineering and Development of Microbial Biopesticides for Improved Biotic and Abiotic Stress Resilience in Plants
Peer M. Schenk The University of Queensland, Australia

Session IV

Viruses as manageable phytopathogens and useful tools (This session is co-sponsored by PSJ Plant Virus Disease Workshop)
Convention Hall 200
Organizer: Nobuhiro Suzuki (Okayama University, Japan)
Chair: Nobuhiro Suzuki (Okayama University, Japan)
Speaker 1 Rapid selection of useful mild strains after nitrous acid induction for control of potyvirus by cross protection
Shyi-Dong Yeh National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan
Speaker 2 Screening and identification of new agents for controlling plant viruses
Kook-Hyung Kim Seoul National University, Korea
Speaker 3 Using mycovirus-mediated hypovirulent strain of a cosmopolitan fungal pathogen of dicots to protect cereal crops from major fungal diseases
Daohong Jiang Huazhong Agricultural University, China
Speaker 4 Application of virus vectors for integration-free plant genome editing
Kazuhiro Ishibashi National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan
Speaker 5 Apple latent spherical virus vectors as a tool for applied research in agriculture
Nobuyuki Yoshikawa Iwate University, Japan

Session V

Plant immunity (This session is co-sponsored by PSJ plant-microbe interactions symposium)
Main Convention Hall
Organizer: Yoshitaka Takano (Kyoto University, Japan)
Chair: Yoshitaka Takano (Kyoto University, Japan)
Speaker 1 Quinone perception in plants via leucine-rich repeat kinases
Ken Shirasu RIKEN CSRS, Japan
Speaker 2 Lignin barrier spatially restricts pathogens and confers resistance in Arabidopsis
Ohkmae K Park Korea University, Korea
Speaker 3 Molecular basis for Pseudomonas acetylatransferase effector HopZ5-triggered immunity
Kee Hoon Sohn Pohang University of Science and Technology , Korea
Speaker 4 Signaling and evolution of rice NLR proteins Pit1 and Pit2
Yoji Kawano Okayama University, Japan
Speaker 5 Phytophthora pathogens manipulate host pre-mRNA splicing machinery to subvert plant immunity
Suomeng Dong Nanjing Agricultural University, China

Session VI

Elucidation of bacterial virulence mechanisms for development of sustainable control system (This session is cohosted by Plant Bacterial Disease Workshop supported by The Phytopathological Sciety of Japan.)
Convention Hall 300
Organizer: Yasufumi Hikichi (Kochi University, Japan)
Chair: Seiji Tsuge (Kyoto Prefecture University, Japan)
Speaker 1 Gene regulatory landscape of pathogenic and commensal bacteria in plants
Kenichi Tsuda Huazhong Agricultural University, China
Speaker 2 Application of Pseudomonas sp. XP1-6 on management of bacterial wilt and heat stress in tomato
Nai-Chun Lin National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Chair: Yasufumi Hikichi (Kochi University, Japan)
Speaker 3 Modulation of bacterial wilt resistance of tomato by root microbiota
Seon-Woo Lee Dong-A University, Korea
Speaker 4 Quorum Sensing in Ralstonia solanacearum Species Complex: Characterization and Chemical Control
Kenji Kai Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
Speaker 5 Regulation of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae hrp genes mediated by sugars and sugar metabolism regulators
Seiji Tsuge Kyoto Prefecture University, Japan

Session VII

Initiatives for better education on plant health
Convention Hall 200
Organizer: Takashi Tsuge (Chubu University, Japan)
Chair: Yuki Ichinose (Okayama University, Japan)
Speaker 1 Educational program for plant disease diagnosis supported by the PSJ
Norio Kondo Hokkaido University, Japan
Speaker 2 Tips for conducting hands on plant diagnostic workshops
Kyoko Watanabe Tamagawa University, Japan
Chair: Sotaro Chiba (Nagoya University, Japan)
Speaker 3 Farmer education through Farmer Field School in Cambodia
Chhay Ngin Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Cambodia
Speaker 4 Bring healthy crop through disease management to farmer
Pamela Wang Corteva Agriscience, China

Session VIII

”Evidence-based Control ” for disease management and epidemiology
Main Convention Hall
Organizer: Akira Kawaguchi (National Agricultural and Food Research Organization, Japan)
Chair: Akira Kawaguchi (National Agricultural and Food Research Organization, Japan)
Speaker 1 The improvement of plant disease management using evidence-based control
Nobuya Tashiro Saga Prefectural Upland Farming Research and Extension Center, Japan
Speaker 2 Integrated control of cucumber black root rot by using soil fumigation and soil pH amendment with converter slag
Yasuya Iwadate Iwate Agricultural Research Center, Japan
Speaker 3 Species composition, infection process, and chemical management options of Colletotrichum species causing grape ripe rot in Virginia, USA
Mizuho Nita Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA
Chair: Nobuya Tashiro (Saga Prefectural Upland Farming Research and Extension Center, Japan)
Speaker 4 Fusarium wilt of blackberry: an experience in the design of evidence-based integrated disease management programs
Angel Rebollar Alviter Chapingo Autonomous University, Mexico
Speaker 5 Factors affecting and control for red crown rot of soybean in Japan
Sunao Ochi National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan
Speaker 6 Spatial pattern analysis with the images taken by an unmanned aerial vehicle
Kentaro Ikeda Gumma Prefectural Government, Japan
Speaker 7 The evidence-based control for bacterial plant diseases in Japan
Akira Kawaguchi National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan

Session IX

Current practice of managing plant diseases caused by soilborne pathogens (This concurrent session is jointly organized by 30th PSJ Soil-Borne Disease Workshop.)
Convention Hall 300
Organizer: Masahiro Shishido (Chiba University, Japan)
Chair: Masahiro Shishido (Chiba University, Japan)
Speaker 1 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi as biocontrol against soilborne root pathogens causing diseases on banana and vegetables
Nelly Aggangan University of Philippines, Los Banos, Philippines
Speaker 2 Techniques for controlling Fusarium basal stem rot of shallot in Indonesia
Suryo Wiyono Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia
Speaker 3 Bio-control of Rigidoporus and Ganoderma root rot using perennial herbaceous plants
Suwandi Suwandi Sriwijaya University, Indonesia
Speaker 4 Characteristics and control of potato late blight as a soil-borne disease
Seishi Akino Hokkaido University, Japan
Speaker 5 A decade of research on soilborne fungal and oomycete diseases of cucurbits in dry environments: characterization and management
Abdullah M. Al-Sadi Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

Session X

Plant diagnosis: The past and the future
Convention Hall 200
Organizer: Tetsuo Maoka (National Agricultural and Food Research Organization, Japan)
Chair: Tetsuo Maoka (National Agricultural and Food Research Organization, Japan)
Speaker 1 Thirty years of diagnosis history in Japanese potato viruses: Past achievements and future prospects
Tetsuo Maoka National Agricultural and Food Research Organization, Japan
Speaker 2 Diagnosis of Citrus Huanglongbing and virus diseases in Taiwan
Ting-Hsuan Hung National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Speaker 3 On-site application of loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for the detection of phytoplasma in Asia-Pacific countries
Toshiro Shigaki Pacific Agriculture Alliance, Japan
Speaker 4 Current status and future prospects of plant disease diagnosis using aerial images from an unmanned aerial vehicle
Ryo Sugiura National Agricultural and Food Research Organization, Japan


Newly developed plant protection measures in Japan for sustainable agricuture development GOALS

Work Shop I

Plant protection for soil borne diseases
Convention Hall 300
Organizer: Kazuhiro Nakaho (National Agricultural and Food Research Organization, Japan)
Chair: Kazuhiro Nakaho (National Agricultural and Food Research Organization, Japan)
Speaker 1 Optimized field trials of anaerobic soil disinfestation with diluted ethanol solution
Yuso Kobara National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan
Speaker 2 Integrated pest management of lettuce big-vein disease by utilizing acidic fertilizer
Kenichi Ikeda Kobe University, Japan
Speaker 3 Towards development of amino acid-based agrochemicals that induce resistance to bacterial wilt disease
Shigemi Seo National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan
Speaker 4 Development of health checkup based soil-borne disease management (HeSoDiM)
Shigenobu Yoshida National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan
Speaker 5 Development of Capsicum rootstock cultivars with resistant to bacterial wilt and Phytophthora blight
Hiroshi Matsunaga National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan

Work Shop II

Plant protection for insect pests on the way to viral disease control transmitted by them
Main Convention Hall
Organizers: Norihide Hinomoto (Kyoto University, Japan) and Hiroshi Abe (RIKEN BRC, Japan)
Chair: Hiroshi Abe (RIKEN BRC, Japan)
Speaker 1 Use of zoophytophagous bug Nesidiocoris tenuis to control virus transmitting insect pests in protected horticulture
Norihide Hinomoto Kyoto University, Japan
Speaker 2 Attraction of predatory bugs by violet LED
Takumi Ogino, Takuya Uehara and Masami Shimoda National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan
Chair: Norihide Hinomoto (Kyoto University, Japan
Speaker 3 Behavioral control of the thrips using Jasmonate analog, PDJ -from the model plants for practical application-
Hiroshi Abe RIKEN BRC, Japan
Speaker 4 A novel insect behavior regulator -The feature and usage of acetylated glyceride to suppress infection of plant disease viruses-
Takayuki Kashima Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd., Japan
Speaker 5 Repellence of moth pests by ultrasound
Ryo Nakano National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan

Country and Region Report  (Tentative Speakers)

Main Convention Hall
Organizer and Chair: Kazuyuki Hiratsuka (Yokohama National University, Japan)
Bangladesh Biological control of plant diseases in Bangladesh
Ismail Hossain College of Agricultural Sciences IUBAT
China To be announced
You-Liang Peng China Agricultural University
Indonesia Emerging plant diseases in Indonesia and their management
Achmadi Priyatmojo Universitas Gadjah Mada
Malaysia Updates on major rice diseases in Malaysia and recent works in managing their threats
Mrs Siti Norsuha Binti Misman Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI)
Singapore Re-organization of Plant Health Services into Singapore government agency National Parks Board
Sek-Man Wong National University of Singapore
Taiwan Emerging fungal diseases under climate change: new threats and ongoing efforts in Taiwan
S.D. Liu National Pingtung Polytech University
Vietnam Occurence and distribution of cassava mosaic virus disease in Viet Nam
Trinh Xuan Hoat Plant Protection Research Institute
India Role of CGIAR Germplasm Health Units (GHUs) in international distribution of pest-free germplasm
Rajan Sharma
South Korea To be announced
Thailand To be announced
Japan Efforts towards the achievement of SDGs and Society 5.0 in Japan
Takashi Nakajima National Agriculture and Food Research Organization